Positive Parenting

Parenting has become an important part of my life from the moment I gave birth to my boy in 2015. I strongly believe that no one prepares us for becoming parents, until we become ones. Back forward, during these unique and life challenging 5 years of parenting, everything shifted and changed to some extend, sometimes even to the extend of 360 degrees, but, I learned so much about myself and my little boy at the same time. There is so much to learn, still, but, I guess, we are all learning about parenting along our own parenthood journeys.

The bottom line is that, parenting has become a significant part of my life, back in 2015, and I can firmly say that is the most rewarding and challenging experience I have ever had in my life, except for teaching English to hundreds of other children in my teaching career, before that. From the moment I became a parent, I consciously started to expand my knowledge in parenting, using different resources, including books and online programs. Nowadays, we are fortune enough to have plenty of resources available at our fingertips, just with a click of a button.

Through this exponential process of learning about parenting and also applying the knowledge of different resources, I came across with Positive Parenting Solutions, which shifted my perception about parenting, especially when it comes to handling challenging situations, which, to my opinion, is the most important aspect of parenting. It made my parenting experience more enjoyable in a way that have almost 100% positive result. I cannot stress enough how much it saved me from having power struggles, handle emotional issues and many more. It can save you a lot of time and energy to become the best parent you can be for your own children too.