M'Ambassador Evolution Program

Founded by Sabina Casian

Helping you evolve into a true version of YOU!

Hi, wonderful mum, I’m Sabina and I warmly welcome you to M’Ambassador page!

I want to inspire and motivate you to become an Ambassador of your life. Why? Because I believe that when you take the lead in your life, whenever you go in this world, you can be, do and have everything that you ever wished for.

That’s the reason a created a start-up guide for you to take with you in your motherhood journey. Learn how to set your own destination and embrace who you truly are.

About M’Ambassador Concept

The concept was created with you in mind and it’s a dedication to all mums on a mission, who want a better life for themselves and for their children, who want to have the courage to believe in themselves again and live a meaningful life from their heart and soul.
The big “M” stands for Mission, Motivation, Meaningful, Manifestation, Mindset, Mastery and also for Mums, whom I personally designed in the first place.

I am almost certain that you will get a lot of value from the M’Ambassador Program.

The program is designed to give mums valuable tools, that can serve them in so many ways. It is also a solid mentoring program, which can help them in boosting their confidence in their mission.

Nevertheless, when you decide to become a M’ambassador of your life, you can serve as a true Inspiration to as many other mums out there in this world about our integrity, authenticity and big aspirations in everything that we do in our lives, not only for our children that we raise and educate but for ourselves too.

The big WHY. My Vision

My vision for M’Ambassador Evolution goes beyond those statutory boundaries we set ourselves as women, mostly because we end up wearing too many hats, especially when we become mums.

When we officially become mums, we often put our children first, and others in between, but, most of the time we forget about ourselves, about our needs and dreams, about who we are at the core of our being, aka our own identity.

We tend to put everyone else on our top priority ladder, and we tend to leave our needs, wishes and dreams last or at the bottom of that ladder if we eventually get there.

Most of the time, we forget that we are the centre of who we are and what we do and our mission in life goes beyond raising our children and be a faithful wife to our husband or partner. Our mission is to rise and shine the true light we all have within ourselves and redefine the true identity we all born with, but, somehow, we forgot of its existence. I think that most of us, women go through a lot of defining moments in our life, when we start doubting ourselves, and we simply get busy or stuck in our daily life. Then, we caught up in so many things, get overload with work and family commitments to fill, and we end up forgetting about ourselves, our desires, our values and what we truly are. I had these moments in my life so many times over. I’ve been through moments of breakdown, breakthrough and even break-free. In my life, I’ve loved, I’ve lived, I’ve laughed, I’ve trusted, I’ve missed, I’ve hurt, I’ve lost, I’ve made mistakes, but, above everything else, I’ve learned: SHIFT HAPPENS! I’ve learned through my own life experiences that letting go of perfectionism, comparison, exhaustion, anxiety, self-doubt, powerlessness, fear of judgement and uncertainty gave me the strengths and faith to focus once more on what is really meaningful to my soul and my mental wellbeing, which soon turned into a big passion of mine. This is one of the greatest reason I love what I do and my passion became my vision. And this is how I felt inspired to create M’Ambassador Evolution Program, which involves coaching and therapy modalities, that can serve you in becoming a great role model for your children and ultimately, the best version of YOU!

What this Program can do for YOU?

This unique program is designed to support you all the way through your shit-turning points in your life journey until you get the clarity, confidence and spiritual connection you need to have for yourself, so you can master your inner-powers to handle everything and get that deep sense of fulfilment, abundance and joy you deserve to have in your life!

it also gives you a significant boost in …


Creating a meaningful life, lived with passion

You deserve to live passionately and bring in fulfilment and abundance in all areas of your life.Life is about creating yourself, bring it meaning and purpose.


Making a real difference in someone's life

Being a mum on a mission, you are making a real difference in someone’s life, so you actually need that support and guidance to help others in the best way possible. Nevertheless, that person can become the true version of yourself.


Natural expression of Your Authentic Self

You were born with the natural expression of your authentic self, and you have the ability to express yourself in this way every day. Often our culture and society do not encourage the free and natural expression of our Authentic Self. However, I believe we must. This internal and external conflict has caused us so many years of self-doubt, self-recrimination, fear, anxiety, and depression. It’s time to end this needless suffering once and for all.


Authenticity and Integrity

Authenticity is about integrity. When you learn to stand for being true to who and what you are, then you can embody that in every aspect of your life. It takes strength of character and integrity to make decisions based on personal conviction rather than popular opinion.

With this in mind, living with integrity means you start to value honesty, commitment, and trustworthiness, through your authentic actions and inspire trust and loyalty in others.


Courage and Self-Awareness

Together with a little effort, courage and a generous amount of self-awareness, the outcome will more than justify the effort. When the conflict at the core of your being is finally resolved — the disparity between who you really are and who you choose to be in life will harmonize with everything around you.

What you will get out of this unique program?

  • Get clarity around your desired life you want for yourself and for your children.
  • Get to know your inner-powers, so you can be more in control of the way you think-feel-act.
  • Get rid of your self-limiting beliefs and learn how to release them, and other things that no longer serve you.
  • Understand what’s holding you back and overcome struggles with ease and grace.
  • Have a deep sense of connection with your inner-powers you already have within yourself.
  • Stay in your own feminine power and operate from a place of fulfilment, abundance and joy.
  • Connect more with your inner-child and build up a strong relationship with your own children too.
  • Manifest what you really want in your life!

Don’t Wait Any Longer. Start Taking Your First Step Today!