M’Ambassador Evolution concept

“M’Ambassador Evolution is a brand new concept, which, by no means, has a significant role in my life and hopefully in the life of many others, who will consider to join this elaborate M’Ambassador movement.”


The concept of M’Ambassador lived in my heart for quite some time now, but I guess, everything comes at the right time. I had this concept in my heart for years, but only now, realised of its major significance it has for me and for many other women I shared it with along my life journey.

I trust this timing in my life, the same way as I trust in YOU taking ONE baby step forward towards your desires and dreams that you have kept for long time in your heart.

It is related to something more significant than just being an ambassador for country I was born in, purely for the fact that I started to acknowledge the real world of politicians and their life. I was fortunate enough to meet many politicians, embassy workers, even real Ambassadors through my work journey and it was quite empowering to see them personally and having short conversations about some of their life experiences in this official world of power and authority. I was absolutely absorbed and thrilled by their diligence of handling challenging situations and taking big responsibilities for their actions. I found this quite fascinating!

The third thing is the innate strength and ability to contribute in any way of form to others, by honouring your life values; stand for your own dreams and care for the people that you love the most. I like to think of this as a major achievement of your greatness and a form of giving back to other people in your life, whom have helped you along your own life journey.

The concept of M’Ambassador and where it all started for me…

My first life breakthrough moment happen, when I was a young lady, studying consciously for my GCSE exams, just before deciding which Uni I would like to choose. I remember that day when I had a serious conversation with my dad, whom I respect dearly, about which University I would prefer to go and what I wanted to study further on after graduating from high school. I stated that I want to become an ambassador, representing my country abroad. Back then, I only knew that I wanted to be an Ambassador and work in an Embassy. I secretly wished to be a high-status person, like a Queen or a diplomat or an Ambassador and being able to travel the world by First Class, discovering new places and new cultures. I read a lot of specialised books back then, especially during my high school years, ranging from history books, local and international literature, to politics and philosophy. I just loved reading all sorts of books, especially about royalty.

Long story short, I entered University of International Relations and Diplomatic Studies, and my dad was so proud of me by choosing that educational path. It was a big deal at that time, and it was quite an expensive investment, but my father made it possible for me, and I am eternally grateful for this immense financial effort that he made possible at that time. I also made him proud by studying responsibly and did my best in achieving high results.

I enjoyed my Uni life, where I studied intensely for four years, gradually excelling in any subject we had there, like Diplomacy, Protocol, International Economics, Foreign Languages and many others. Moreover, I applied for Masters in European Studies straight after the Uni graduation and gained a paid scholarship for my Master Degree. It was a big achievement for me personally, and besides I made my dad be very proud of me again. It made my heart smile and believing that everything is possible.