The start of a new decade is absolutely incredible! 

The first thing in the morning after a nice long celebration of this excited decade I received a truly inspiring message from my online business mentor, where she expressed her gratitude for being part of my transformational journey and I was deeply touched by it. I simply cannot express enough gratitude I receive from the mentors and people in this online business community. I feel really grateful and honoured to be part of it wholeheartedly.

I don’t know about you, but I already hit my start button of world class mastery beginning: the Victory Hour of the early morning, known as 5 AM Club, soul-crafted by the legendary Robin Sharma himself. The 5 AM Club is a revolutionary program, which can deeply help you own your morning and elevate your life. I truly recommend to anyone wanting to change their life in better. You can also upload the App by the same definition of 5AM Club and start the challenge for yourself today!

On the top of that, I already set myself another BIG Challenge of the new decade and this is about Manifesting everything in this life, inspired by Gabrielle Bernstein the NY best-selling author of the Super Attractor, the Universe Has Your Back and other 5 additional bestsellers.

My BiG Wish for this New Decade

My BiG Wish for this New Decade is to become an Ambassador of Inspiration to as many parents up there in this world about our strong willpower, creativity and greatness in everything that we do in our life, without forgetting ourselves in between family commitments.

You see, our life is full of challenges and struggles, big or small, it doesn’t really matter. What matters most is how we deal with these life challenges and struggles every day. I strongly believe in the power of will and choice. I have learned a powerful method, called Choose Again, inspired by G.Bernstein in her latest book Super Attractor and it states that we all have the ability to choose our thoughts and re-start again. Another great creator of the Choice Power is my online business mentor, Christine Frey, who created a powerful challenge of 30 days, called The Power of Choice, which helped me tremendously in my life journey.

Having said that, it is really important to keep ourselves in the light of choosing great thoughts and having strong willpower to follow them though as we are getting along with our life. I know to my core that change is possible and it all starts with one single step at a time.

I would be so grateful serving and helping parents around the world through my own experiences and inspired actions that I take every day. The challenges and struggles serve us great lessons in life. I learned though my own life experiences that change start within, by acknowledging my power of choice, creativity and inspiration. I am happy to pass this on to YOU!

It certainly brings me joy knowing that I can inspire as many mums or parents as possible to face their real challenges in their life battles. The real life transformation is possible for each one of us in this WORLD.

Have yourself a Wonderful start of a New DECADE!

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