Shift Your Life in 2020

10 important things to remember in order to change your life for the better and create the life you always wanted Life is a precious gift that you receive from your very first day when you were born. As the years pass by, you grow younger, then older, and somehow, forget about the importance of […]


A warm welcome to my space, Fabulous YOU! ❤️

I personally create this space for busy parents, who are not quite sure where to start their own journey into the online business world, but have a strong desire to change something meaningful in their own life. I would like to dedicate this space for our GREATNESS within ourselves, as I believe that every SINGLE […]


Love is in …YOUR HEART ❤️

If you could ever feel deep down in your heart and listen to your heart’s voice you could probably hear the most powerful and beautiful song of all times.  Did you know that your HEART not only is your muscular organ of your life source, but is also a messenger of your inner voice?  ‘Listen […]


Life Challenges and small Celebrations

Why it is important to set up challenges and celebrate your little wins in your life? I don’t know about you, but fo me, the first month of the new decade was full of joyful moments, few exciting challenges sprinkled with little celebrations of life which made my heart sing out laud and dance at […]


Happy New Year 2020!

The start of a new decade is absolutely incredible!  The first thing in the morning after a nice long celebration of this excited decade I received a truly inspiring message from my online business mentor, where she expressed her gratitude for being part of my transformational journey and I was deeply touched by it. I […]


A Decade in Review 2010-2020

A decade nearly reaches the end and another great one is about to start in less than 24 hours. It is absolutely extraordinary!! I am, personally, very excited for the upcoming decade and really grateful for everything I could humanly accomplished so far over the last decade. It has been a decade of life changing […]