Sabina Casian

Mindfulness Coach & Transformational Therapist

Helping you channel your full potential and become the best role model for your children

Hi, I’m Sabina! My superpower is helping mumpreneurs overcome emotional overwhelm and exhaustion, so they can become the highest version of themselves.

Why am I here for you?

I’m here for you, because I genuinely feel what a loving, caring, kind and spiritual mum is going through every single day, simply because I am a mum too, just like you are.

Above all other professional accolades, I gained through 2 decades of learning and becoming a certified TEFL Teacher, Life Coach, NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), TLT (Time-Line Therapy) and RTT (Rapid Transformational Therapy) hypnotherapist, I am at my core a spiritual human and your soul therapist ready to give you a hand.


My passion is to support mums in building strong mental wellbeing and assisting them in their transformational journey. I love seeing this transformation happening every time I work with mums and their children along the way.

This is one of the greatest reasons I love what I do and my passion became my mission. And this is how I felt inspired to create M’Ambassador Evolution, a concept that involves coaching and therapy modalities, that can serve you in becoming a great role model for your children and ultimately, the best version of YOU!

I’m looking forward to meeting you and supporting you in your own transformational journey.

My Story

The moment I first met my bundle of joy in my life, my little boy, I literally cried my tears out of joy and pain at the same time. I struggled a lot with the inner-chatter I was having in my mind about everything, especially after the childbirth moment, when everything changes in ourselves on a physical and emotional level.
I must admit that when I first became a mum, I found it hard to get over the postnatal depression, even though I had so much knowledge about children education, and read so many books about raising up a child or parenting.
Besides, I had to face everything on my own, purely because I was a single mum at that time. Being a single mum was a tough challenge in itself, not to mention that I physically and mentally needed to BE available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks per year.
If you’re a single mum, you can relate..
I just wanted things to change in a better way and not feel the pain and struggle anymore. After all, I am a normal human being, having my own desires, struggles, fears and emotions that only I knew to be true for me. My own struggles become my own reality and soon I felt really bad about myself, almost like heartbroken from ‪the inside out‬. I went through really hard times emotionally, battling a suppressive feeling inside which I kept for a long time within me. The fear of continuing this way was depressing and unbearable.
When I was told that postnatal depression was a normal thing and that I can only get through taking antidepressants on a daily basis, which nearly killed me and my little boy, I started to question myself about the essence of my life.
It was definitely a big wake up call for me!!
I started to ask myself what is not working out and what I can do instead to fix that?
This awareness led me to start the deepest research I have ever made in my life about my personal meaning and emotional-physical healing ❤️‍🩹
My research led me to discover a transformational therapy method ( RTT-Rapid Transformational Therapy) that unfolded the answers to my questions even to a deeper level. But mostly, I healed postnatal depression, anxiety and childhood traumas I carried out with it too.
I wasn’t willing to give up, purely because I had strong reason to build a meaningful life for myself and for my little boy and also inspire as many mums possible to heal themselves and trust that there are better ways of dealing with depression, anxiety and emotional or physical pain.
Then, following a deep-healing process, I trained myself to become a certified therapist and life coach, so I could help others to heal themselves too.

My Approach

I have been through all the pitfalls of motherhood and business that I have started nearly 6 years ago when my son was born. My boy, who is my light and joy since he came into my life, gave me the strength to continue and never give up, from that moment it all started, my motherhood and business journey.

As your therapist, I will work with you to create a bespoke solution incorporating Rapid Transformational Therapy and personalised Coaching to suit you, your situation and your personal preferences.
Throughout my experience in working with mums, I noticed that Many mums feel they have no choice other than to live with a problem but when they discovered how Rapid Transformational Therapy can help them, they finally find relief, lasting freedom and transformation. And that’s what you are about to get when you decide to book yourself an RTT therapy session with me.

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