A decade nearly reaches the end and another great one is about to start in less than 24 hours. It is absolutely extraordinary!!
I am, personally, very excited for the upcoming decade and really grateful for everything I could humanly accomplished so far over the last decade.

It has been a decade of life changing events, obstacles, challenges, moments of joy and endless changes in my life. It was also, a decade of real life transformations, when in the mid of it, I became a mum of an adorable boy, who completely changed my life!

My Decade from the start of 2010…

In 2010 I got married for the first time ever and I thought it would last forever..little did I know that my fairy tale marriage would only last One Year!

In 2011 I decided to move to UK, even though the divorce was still in process. I remember to be the hardest time for me, as I found myself in London alone, lost, heart broken and financially collapsed. I plugged the courage to take ordinary jobs to sustain myself, which gave me a bit of financial stability. I knew that it would be just for the time being until I can find a better solution for myself.

In 2012, when the divorce process was finally over, and my financial situation was stable, I started to look for more opportunities at hand. At first, I looked for mentoring and tutoring young learners, which gained me confidence I can earn from doing what I like. Then, I came up with a great opportunity on earning even more by working in sales of hair products, purely by accident. But, somehow, this helped me to learn other skills I never have thought I can handle. That was an incredible work experience, where I could travel to different places, had free tickets to big sale exhibitions and met a lot of interesting people from all walks of life. But, again, it didn’t last very long…

By the end of 2013, I found myself exhausted, physically drained after long hours of work and commute to different places all the time. I was fed up of being always on the go, even though I was just too tired to do anything at all. I started to wanting more of a quiet and calm life, without any noise and play hard attitude on being someone else.

The start of 2014 was a life changing moment for me, as I accidentally came across with an advert on Gumtree where an English family was looking for an Au Pair * for their 8 year old boy in Cornwall. It was something that tingled my heart a little, as I felt that I needed that change in that particular moment in time. I remember that was the moment when my life journey really began to transform for the better.

At the beginning, I just helped the family with the school run, tutoring the child on his homework and taught him French and Russian. The place itself was located in a tranquil and picturesque field. I remember having the most stunning view from the attic, were I had my en/suite double bedroom. I just felt wonderful and free!! Later in that year, I went to Paris to visit my sister and met a handsome guy, who just stroke my heart and we had few lovely moments together. He paid me a visit in Cornwall, where we had the nicest and most wonderful time together. This wonderful escape ended up in getting pregnant and after having the conversation with the father of the child, I knew that I need to make decision on my own. So, I decided to keep the child, whatever it can take. It was a pure and heartfelt kind of decision. Never regretted that decision since.

In March 2015, I became a mum, officially and unconditionally, taking full responsibility for the child I gave birth. This was such a wonderful moment of my life! I moved to a different place, but remained in Cornwall as I like this place dearly.

The next year, on September 2016 I enrolled in a Post Graduate Course, studied Science, Biology, Psychology and also prepared myself for GSCE in English and Math, all passed with great marks, and a lot of willpower and commitment. Considering that I had my little one to look after all the time, I somehow managed to finish the Course with Merit and Distinction. 

In 2017, found a good job at primary school and spent all summer holiday at my parents home village. It was my little boy’s first visit to see his grandparents and we spent such a lovely time there, enjoying nice sunny days and plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables from the garden. 

When back to the UK, I continued with my work at school and all seemed to get back to normal until the father of my boy appeared in our life. 

We both decided to give ourselves a chance to be as a family, in 2018, but soon I realised that he prefers his work more. It was that moment in my life when I felt disappointed again and realised that I need to get myself in one strong piece and find my way through life alone. That was a breakdown moment for me, as it took me a bit longer to recalibrate my willpower, no matter what, even though it was pretty hard and so challenging! But, fortunately, I found my way through, this was the moment where I discovered personal development and started to get more understanding on how it works by reading many of the specialised books. 

In 2019, I had a real breakthrough moment, when I attended Rich Women Masterclass with Kim Kiyosaki in London, where I also met other 300 like/minded women in one single place. It was such an incredible event, organised by Success Resources in Hilton Tower Bridge. I still remember that day, as I met Kim Kiyosaki in person, shake her hand, took a photo and her autograph on her recent book, Rich Woman, which I read beforehand:) I felt truly inspired by so many other women there, listening to their stories and decided that I want to become one of them. Moreover, I came across with a splendid and inspirational women, founder of the Global Woman Club and really wanted to join her club at that event. But, the annual price was something that I could not afford at that time, so I came back to Cornwall, promising myself that I will find a way to join the Club sooner or later.

Coming back to Cornwall, I discovered a great online business opportunity, which I took it straight away. I did want to succeed and was determined to move forwards, no matter what. So, luckily, I did. It was definitely a life changing moment as I discovered so many great people online and the mentors are absolutely fantastic! 

I am an ordinary human being, whom you may see happy, joyful, caring, nurturing, kind, generous, wholehearted and lovely, but I also can be tearful at times, angry sometimes, fearful and perfectionist. I can define myself as a well-mannered and beloved daughter for my parents, as a loving, caring and nurturing mother for my son, a respectful and kind Teacher for children I teach over the last decade, and a life-time Learner. But, most of all, I define myself as a person who struggles the most powerful emotions possible. 

I’ve been through moments of breakdown, breakthrough and even break-free. In my life, I’ve loved, I’ve lived, I’ve laughed, I’ve trusted, I’ve missed, I’ve hurt, I’ve lost, I’ve made mistakes, but, above everything else, I’ve learned: SHIFT HAPPENS!

I’ve learned through my own life experiences that letting go of perfectionism, comparison, exhaustion, anxiety, self-doubt, powerlessness, fear of judgement and uncertainty gave me the strengths and faith to focus once more of what is really meaningful to my soul and my mental wellbeing.

I know to my core that all of these experiences strengthen my faith in believing that CHANGE starts WITHIN ME, and that they all part of my human integrity, which shaped me into a PERSON who values COMPASSION, COURAGE AND CONNECTION, but also believes in CREATION, KINDNESS AND HUMAN WORTHINESS.

I could only say that I AM normal human being, who faces real struggles between my inner and outer being every day and also my own true reality, which shaped me into a PERSON I am today.

I can proudly say that I AM ONE amongst other billions of other human on this PLANET who stands for her own values and beliefs to be TRUE to herself- NOW and FOREVER!

I wish you all a Happy New Year in 2020!

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