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” Let your hope and dream inspire you to reach for greater things”

Sabina C

About me and the M’Ambassador Evolution concept

I would like to start by sharing a little bit of my life story and how I ended up loving what I do now and hopefully, support YOU to take inspired actions towards a meaningful life.

I am a firm believer that our own life is a precious gift and the only time we have to live our life is NOW. I am almost certain that you have asked yourself at least once in your life time: ‘What am I doing now? Or ‘Where do I go with my life? Or How am I supposed to live my life in order to be fulfilled and happy?

I would say, the most important thing in your life is YOU! A fulfilled, healthy, loved, self-sufficient, fearless, spiritually rich, abundant and happy YOU. Have that version of yourself as your life’s vision, and never stop chasing it. My story is my message to YOU, because YOU matter above everyone else and I really want you to give yourself permission to honour this time for YOURSELF today!

I am addressing this message to you, to inspire and motivate you to become an Ambassador of your life. Why?Because I believe that when you take the lead in your life, whenever you go in this world, you can be, do and have everything that you ever wished for.
I would like to invite you to take a wonderful journey with me where I will share my 7 secrets, which led me to create a life of balance, meaning and empowerment through this evolutionary concept, named M’Ambassador.
The big “M” stands for Mission, Motivation, Meaningful and also for Mums, whom I personally designed it in the first place. The reason is quite profound, purely because I became a mum myself and I have such a deep admiration for mums who thrive, educate and raise their children with integrity and authenticity. My mission is to bring awareness of our strong willpower, creativity and greatness we all have already within us, as women, and hope that this book will serve you as a solid guide to become an Ambassador of Inspiration to as many parents out there in this world about our integrity, authenticity and big aspirations in everything that we do in our life, not only for our children that we raise and educate, but for ourselves too.

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The main reason to start a business

I must admit that starting my very first own business was quite a challenging journey for me, simply because every time I started something, I would get so excited about it, that I would easily get overwhelmed and stumble somewhere in the middle, purely thinking that it is definitely not what I was expected in the first place. I found any excuse not to continue, as it was much easier to complain about things that didn’t quite worked out for me anyway. Literally, I ended up working on five different business courses or programs over the last few years and honestly felt disappointed each time I stumbled across half way through. It was definitely a big wake up call for me! But, I wasn’t willing to give up, purely because I had strong reason to build a meaningful life for myself and for my little boy and also inspire as many mums possible to honour themselves every day. Being a single mum is a tough challenge itself, not to mention that I physically and mentally need to BE available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks per year. That’s a hell of a time being at your own child service, especially when everybody else in your family members are relying on YOU. Maybe you can relate..

THE BEST THING about starting a proper online business and working for myself is to be able to enjoy my time with my little boy every day, connect more with people from all over the world, taking inspired actions, without feeling disappointed ever again. People think that the main reason to start a business is to make money.

I wouldn’t necessarily say so. Not for me anyways. I’ve always been driven by lifestyle over money. Yes money is important…and I definitely like to earn enough money to enjoy a nice lifestyle but it’s not everything for me.

I like to view life in seasons

And to me right now this season of my life is about my own growth as a best parent for my little one. Being there for him, watching him grow up, baking and savouring cheeky moments together. I can be flexible, I can fit my work around him and this to me is priceless! It’s absolutely the BEST thing about working for myself right now. Feeling so blessed to be able to do this ❤️
I am committed to progressing, impacting and inspiring those who are ready to live their best life ever! I want you to remember that Your life can only be the way you make it to be. So, make it one of a kind life that is worth living and I am here to assist you in your own journey.

With LOVE ❤️and infinite personal growth,
Sabina C

7 Secrets to create a life of purpose, meaning and empowerment

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