As a mum, you just want…

A Peaceful, Balanced Life

You feel like desiring a peaceful, well-balanced motherhood life and becoming a great role model for your children.

Better Relationships

You want to build better relationships with your children, life partner and ultimately with yourself


You wish you could just feel that you are loved and that you can also love yourself more and have lots of love to give to others too


You like knowing that you can free yourself from daily negative chatter, ‘mama guilt’, sabotage, perfectionism,  blame and work overload.

Hi dearest mum!

I’m Sabina Casian

Your Personal Therapeutic Coach

I feel you and I am here to help You overcome emotional breakdown

Coaching Support

Get the clarity you need and personal guidance in what you really want to achieve in your life.

Therapy Sessions

You deserve to have a balanced emotional state. Find out how therapy can help you get that.

Does this feel like you?

You are constantly ‘trying to meet the ends’ in your business and personal life

yet, secretly know that there is another way of making things work for you rather than against you. This is all possible with coaching support.

You carry so much on your shoulders
personally and professionally, that you can barely hold yourself straight: it’s just too much to take in, besides the pandemic hit you hard enough already. I can totally relate to this and I see you, that’s why I’m here to give you a hand. Reach me out, let’s chat and see how you can shift that immediately.
You hold that ‘mum’s guilt’ feeling
when your children crave your attention, but you are too busy with other never-ending jobs, home chores and other important commitments you do every day. I totally get that. This is where you need coaching and therapy support to get rid of this guilt for good and just be happy doing what you love!
You are just tired of “juggling” too many things at once
spinning plates around, getting so many ‘how to’ courses, but none of them worked for you by now. You are feeling ‘trapped’ in your own kind of ‘it’s okay, just survived another day’ reality, yet, not really sure how to get out of it. I can genuinely feel you. I was trapped the same way as you are right now. I want you to know that you only need few coaching and therapy sessions, so you can have major breakthroughs and release yourself from that ‘trapped feeling’ almost instantly. You just need to trust yourself more and the coaching process.
You feel like there is more to life, secretly hoping of a better future
When you are feeling stuck and staying in a low vibrational place, where you no longer feel happy about yourself any more. You would definitely need to change that because you deserve a better life for yourself, and for your children too. You wish you could break free from ‘just survive another day’ to ‘this is so exciting, I want more of this in my life’. And this is what coaching and therapy specialist can do for you.


You wish you could move on with your life with much greater ease and confidence. You want to have everything you dreamed of in your life for you and for your children, yet, you are struggling to meet the ends. You are slowly getting there, but still in a struggle to survival position and you simply cannot see a way out of this ‘misery-mode’ reality.

I know how difficult it must be for you to continue this way, that’s why I am here to give you a hand and support you to break-free from struggle-survival mode to your mother-epic-fulfilled-abundant self!

About Me. Why am I here for you?

I’m Sabina, and I’m here for you. I genuinely feel what a loving, caring, kind and spiritual mum is going through every single day, simply because I am a mum too, just like you are.

Above all other professional accolades, I gained through 2 decades of learning and becoming a certified TEFL Teacher, Life Coach, NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), TLT (Time-Line Therapy) and RTT (Rapid Transformational Therapy) hypnotherapist, I am at my core a spiritual human and your soul therapist ready to give you a hand.

My passion is to support mums in building strong mental wellbeing and assisting them in their transformational journey. I love seeing this transformation happening every time I work with mums and their children along the way.

This is one of the greatest reason I love what I do and my passion became my mission. And this is how I felt inspired to create M’Ambassador Evolution, a concept that involves coaching and therapy modalities, that can serve you in becoming a great role model for your children and ultimately, the best version of YOU!

I’m looking forward to meeting you and support you in your own transformational journey.

How Coaching and Therapy can help you?

Get clear of what is really behind those hidden emotions your are struggling with in your life.

Know how to handle negative emotions in your every day life .

Get support in identifying what's holding you back.

Change your old patterns.

Get help in releasing the past, live in the present and create your desired future.

Become a councious creator of a life you truly deserve living.

You know deep down within your core being that you deserve to have a meaningful life and just be happy the way you are. But, you feel exhausted, stuck in your own motherhood reality and not sure which way to go… You simply cannot function any longer.
Your struggles cannot define you, but they can overload your emotional state without your awareness to be open to get support through coaching and therapy. You don’t longer need to feel stuck and unsure where to start your self-discovery journey. Because you have the power to choose. When you choose from your heart, you know what is best for you and equally for your children.

What do mums say ?

“Sabina is such a beautiful, heart-centered woman with lovely energy. While she is building a successful business, she manages to be a focused, tender and loving mom to her son. The best teachers are always those who continue to improve themselves and earn. Clearly, Sabina is constantly growing herself. She is quite knowledgeable and generous with her skills and talents and sincerely wishes to help other women prosper from her heart.”

Carla Sridevi Cohen.

Master Healer & Brain Profiler, Women’s Health Revolution

“Sabina is a warm and caring RTT therapist, who really cares about her client. She made me feel at ease from the very beginning and my session with her was amazing. She confidently and skilfully guided me through the scenes that were the root cause of my false beliefs and then transformed those false beliefs with grace and ease. Ever since my session with her, I feel lighter and more joyful, and those false beliefs are no longer holding me back.
I would definitely recommend her to anyone who is ready for real transformation.”

Anahita V.

Healer & Therapist


“Sabina is such an incredible, creative, compassionate, diligent woman. I could see the most beautiful light shining through, her true colours, that are only unique to her. I very much admire her creative work, coaching skills and attention to detail. Her therapy work always brings me insightful breakthroughs and the way she approaches every single mum are top-notch. Thank you for being who you are. In one word – you are a STAR ⭐️”

Natalie Kaizer


Founder at NK Essential Health Solutions


Break free from your own limitations.

The emotional breakdown cannot define you, my dear. It starts with YOU, and will always come down to just taking ONE step and make that real STEP in reaching for help and support, that is available to YOU. 

I am here to help and support you each step of the way. Just reach out!

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